Cast And Staff



The host of the show, Epic spent 20+ years in the entertainment business.  He has opened up for D-12, Obie Trice, Three Six Mafia, Tech Nine, Lil' John and the Eastside Boys, Bone Thugs and Harmony and many more. He started the show to give upcoming artists a platform to be heard and to give his unique perspective on current events, engage in shenanigans, and show the world how much of a mental ninja he (thinks he) is. Epic also loves long walks on the beach, hates dolphins (because they rape), and has the worst Bill Cosby impression in the history of impressions. 


Ashley Garsky

Co-Host and one of the main writers of the show, Ashley Garsky was Ms. America in 2004, loves animals, kids, and the color purple. (not the movie. The actual color.) She is classy as hell except when she talks. She uses the word "fuck" like a drunk toddler and plans to go on a chocolate only diet.  Oh, and she is married to Epic...for now.


Anthony "The Ant-man" Hall

 Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Antonio loves rock and roll and getting drunk. He likes vacationing in exotic places and getting drunk. In the summertime, He enjoys golfing and getting drunk. Also, He is a pretty good cook while he's getting drunk. He enjoys his friends and family and getting drunk. Everything else is GR 51 classified. 


Larry Brazil

Larry grew  up in the Cleveland area. He graduated from James Ford Rhodes High School and was a  classmate of Epic's. An Avid gamer, artist and all around fun guy to know, Larry lives in Brunswick, OH with his wife Marcia, and 2 children, Brandi and Jaylen. Larry worked in the mortgage industry for several years spending some time in HR. (not for sexual harassment!) In 2009, Larry started an internet radio show 1Life2Play on Twitch and YouTube and focused on gaming reviews, personality interviews, and the gaming industry which earned over 40,000 views over 4 years while also working as a district manager for Xbox/Microsoft.  In 2017, Larry opened his first gaming and e-sports lounge called (you guessed it!) 1Life2Play with a friend in Westlake, OH!  In, 2018, Larry jumped at a chance to win tickets to a Browns game given away on The Epic Radio Show and actually won not realizing that he would later be invited to be a co-host on the show! Larry and Epic consistently click on air while reminiscing about old high school days and growing up in Cleveland. Larry has a segment on the show called "Larry Player One" where he informs us all on video games news and rumors.


David Franks

David has been working in the staffing & hiring industry since 2014. Prior to staffing, David was a blue collar guy, working for numerous fortune 100 & 200 companies in everything from logistics and warehouse, to one of the nation’s largest federal rail systems doing heavy equipment operation and welding.

David graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management in 2013 and is a proud veteran of the Unites States Air Force. A Cleveland, Ohio, native, David currently resides in Omaha, NE with his family.

Being a mixture of both blue and white collar, David understand the sensitive needs of today’s workforce, as well as the demands and requirements of top employers.

If you are looking to collect that big paycheck, first you need to “get to work”!


Jay Val

 Jay is the Sports analyst for the show on the segment Playing with Ballz. Jay has played sports from high school into semi pro football but follows all sports. He also performed music with Epic in Division 3 as a rapper/singer and was also a solo act. He brings a lot of shenanigans and insight to the cast. 


Chris Ketler "The Bitter Dude"

Chris is a stand up comedian and promoter that has performed all over the U.S. 

He is from NE Ohio but grew up in Central Florida. Chris has also featured in several movies and series. 

Chris loves comedy but hates everything else. That's why he's a great fit for The Epic Radio Show.


Rachel Nyquist

Rachel is a former model and entertainer. She is currently The Epic Radio Show's Social Media Coordinator.  She is a mother of 3. Rachel loves glitter and applies it to pretty much everything. So much, in fact, that you could literally go blind by looking at her in the right sunlight.  She loves leopard print like it's 1964 and will talk to you like she's known you for 20 years, even if it's only been 2.3 minutes.


Connor "Condor" Barnes

Connor is in charge of the podcast side of the show. He is also Host of his own show called "Talking Chaos". His show is bad ass. Listen to his show. Listen to our show. He is called Condor because he is majestic as f#@*! He will $#!* on your head while he's flying over you like caw caw bitch!